How to safely remove a Popsocket from your phone - Android Authority

How to safely remove a Popsocket from your phone - Android Authority

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority


To remove a Popsocket, push it so that it's flat against your phone, then gently pry it off the device using a fingernail, plastic card, or dental floss. Tug on the Popsocket to entirely remove it from the device. You can reuse the Popsocket if you want.


How to remove a Popsocket from your phone

How to safely remove a Popsocket from your phone - Android Authority

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

You can safely remove a Popsocket from your phone by following a few simple steps:

  1. Push the Popsocket so that it’s flat against your phone.
  2. Pry the Popsocket from your device. Remember to be gentle. Try using your fingernail, a credit card or other plastic card, or some dental floss to get in between the Popsocket and your phone if you’re having trouble.
  3. Pull the Popsocket away from your phone carefully until it’s completely removed.

Can you reuse a Popsocket?

You can reuse a Popsocket after removing it from a device. It’s best if you quickly transfer it from one device to another. Remember to clean the back of the device to which you want to attach it. Additionally, if you notice that the Popsocket is dirty, you can rinse it under running water and then let it dry for around 10 minutes before attaching it to something else.


You can use a sticky Popsocket with a MagSafe device, but it may impede wireless charging. You can try a MagSafe Popsocket, which attaches via magnets and easily comes off to let you use MagSafe chargers.

Technically, yes, but as with MagSafe, sticky-type Popsockets may impede wireless charging. Because the Popsocket gets between a charging pad and your phone, it may prevent wireless charging from happening. You can try positioning your phone differently on the charging pad to see if that helps. There are also some wireless charging pads sold that specifically accommodate Popsockets. Popsockets itself sells the Poppower, which is compatible with all Popsockets.

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